February 13, 2014

It's Champagne Thursday!!

How adorable is this print from Shop Dandy Boutique they have it in white too!

Reasons for Champagne but who really needs a reason, am I right?

-Tomorrow is Valentines Day!!! WooHoo!! nuff said... love this holiday.. shh. you haters..
-Totally beat the system by buying my card for Seth at Trader Joe's for $.99! Take that crazy expensive card industry that I should totally go into business for...and before you all start judging me, my card is WAY cuter than the 6.99 on from Target.. just sayin..
-Cupcakes from Sift.. OMG.. they are amazing... if you are in San Francisco area you have to try them!!!
-Made my first ever lasagna last night... not too shabby...  
-Don't have to wear the dreadful US Olympic team snow gear & sweaters... that alone is reason to celebrate! #hideous
-Did not cut my hair with child safety scissors, like I did in a panic dream... woke up so relieved...in my dream I looked like Meg Ryan and not in a good way.. take my word for it...
- There is no expiration date to my dreams... so I'll keep trying... 

Life lately has been a little hectic and full.. many apologies for not getting regular posts up..I've been feeling bad about that but the good news is that it's totally OK to pace myself..  Thanks for being awesome and amazing readers..Enjoy your Thursday and pop open some Champagne!