November 30, 2012

5 Inches of Rain...

Sweater- HM (1 year old)
Jeans- American Eagle 
Scarf-HM (1 year old)
Bracelets- some gifted, Aldo
Watch- Gift
Rain Boots- Target
Socks- Husbands (thanks babe)

In California this is what to expect for winter....With these drab days, I am really glad for the pop of color, it just helps... I love my rain boots... they really do inspire some confidence while staying dry.... EPIC!

  I was inspired for this outfit by a pic I pinned on Pinterest... see here... Sometimes I get a little "writers block" for styling... I find Pinterest or other fashion blogs to be a great source of inspiration!
I will usually put my own twist on something, instead of a full on "copy"...
For this, I did want to replicate as much as possible... because, I loved it! And isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? At least that's what I am telling myself... 
Someday... I will purchase a beautiful pair of Hunters... but until then my beauties from Target (if you say it with a french accent it sounds cooler) will completely do! And if I desperately need pair of Hunters, I am thinking a label maker and my boots just might do the trick! Kidding...sorta..

November 28, 2012

Wednesday Blues & Black Friday Finds...

Jacket-Marshalls (similar here)
Top-Marshalls (similar here)
Leggings- Walmart (I know, I know... )
Necklace-Aldo (similar here)
Boots- "Guess?" from Macys Gifted (similar here)

Never fails... I plan on doing a photo shoot and something happens to derail my plans.... I swear it's like herding cats just to make this happen. I'm not sure why it's so blasted difficult to make a plan come together but it is... Until... My husband had the genus idea of leaving work early! Cue spontaneous cheering... Oh, Mr. you are seriously a keeper! Now, I will mention that the reason to leave work early was not for my blog... Nope.. not the irresponsible... all though doesn't that sound delightful?
It was more of a, "I really need this to make it through the rest of the week" type thing... Some days it's a real honest to goodness Wednesday.... Not for sissies...  but leaving work early, having my husband cook dinner, and laughing at my husband's antics, has done the trick!
Not to mention my favorite Black Friday find... that EPIC bead necklace! Whoa... hot! I've been so excited to wear this, and I styled my whole outfit around it... you know your excited about something when you wake up thinking about it! I got it in a shrewd business move of a 2 for 1 sale.. Score!
Bye bye Wednesday blues, hello awesomeness ... Nothing like curling your hair, putting on some lip gloss and taking a few pictures to help brighten your mood... Yes.. Yes I did do my hair for these photos... You are welcome..

November 26, 2012

Gifts for the man in your life..

Gifts for the man in your life..

Gifts for the man in your life.. by hopehowland featuring a black optical

I swear, I have the HARDEST time finding the "perfect" gift for my husband...  If he needs something he just goes out and buys it! Usually, I am getting an idea of what to buy him, and he'll have already bought it... sigh... 
For me Christmas & Birthdays are a HUGE deal, I love to give gifts and receive them! So part of the fun is the "hunt".. Figuring out a gift that will obviously change his life forever! "Oh, Hope since you gave me this scarf my life is now complete, no one gives gifts like you!" ... 

Maybe you might be in the same position I am... so here are some tips I've learned/learning...
  • Be sure to listen.. when he says "I like Gift Cards"... (he means it)
  • Guys like things that are useful along with fun... That Swiss Army knife/drive thing looks awesome! 
  • Pay attention to his hobbies, how does he have fun? And go off of that... PS3? Movies? Golf? he needs more fun.. so NEVER go for the "he needs socks, so Merry Christmas" gift... not cool...
  • Shop at sites that have great return policies because  if your like me... it takes practice to get it right... (poor guy)... my favorite, Zappos, free shipping and free return shipping! Holla! Great if your going to try for the shoes option! 
  • Lastly... how does he show love to you? Possibly with helpful moments?... ie.. washing your car... always willing to carry the heavy groceries upstairs...doing the dishes when he's just as tired as you? ...then do the same for him!
 Many times our men will be showing love and how they like to receive it, by how they give love to us! So if you're stumped or the budget is micro-small this year (been there)..give him what he's been giving you...Even if it doesn't make sense, it's OK... it's not for you anyways... All that really matters is that he knows you love him!  

November 24, 2012

Barbies & Dress-Up

"Dress up begins at age 5 and truly never ends"- Kate Spade

Barbies & Dress-Up... the quintessential fun for girls...  I LOVED playing Barbies with my sister, and usually there was never a story, it just consisted of different outfit changes.... 
My sister came down for Thanksgiving and the day before we had a little photo-shoot... I pulled things from my closet and we got dressed up! Seriously can two girls have more fun than this? NO!

Photo shoot brought to you by... ridiculous sister fun!

November 19, 2012

All for the sake of fashion...

As a blogger, I am trying to be better about carrying around my camera... I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "crap! right now would be perfect for a photo shoot! but no I don't have my camera!"... Well, as we all know I love me some accessories and bags are no exception! It's a problem...However... I am not into those clunky "touristy" camera bags... it's just not my look.. Does that sound conceited? hmmm... anyhoo.. 

I did a little Google search for stylish camera bag, I know I can't be the only one!... and low and behold... I found this lovely little article on "Best of Bags Guide" by Robyn Pollman, click here to read. You will find a whole write up on her favorite ones/brands and why! There are quite a few great ones in that article... Ha! wow, I cannot believe my good luck.. thanks Google, you did it again! 

After scan/reading the article, well sorta.. OK, I mostly was just looking at the pictures...I came across this beauty... in which I promptly showed to my husband so he can tell Santa! crossing fingers...

To quote the awesome movie Elf... "I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows!"

Seriously.. so awesome, I needed to blog about it! holds a variety of things! Just so I can take my "Mary Poppins Bag " thing to a whole new level! phew...I need to calm down...

In the article it will give you a complete run down of all the bags, what they will hold, along with the bag features. It just goes to show that you can be stylish and practical all at the same time. Take that all those folks who roll their eyes when I do something for the sake of fashion, take that!

November 17, 2012

Put a hat on, and get over it...

Well, it's the time of year where the rain is a coming down and all I want to do is sleep in and drink hot coffee while watching a cheesy Hallmark movie... Don't worry I didn't... sometimes I can't even handle my own level of cheesy-ness....

In a few days my sister and her husband will be visiting for Thanksgiving along with our mutually good friend Shenyel... so Seth and I will be hosting this next week 3 adults in our 650 sq foot apartment... and also then his parents and sister for Thanksgiving Day... yes that's right you counted correctly, 8 adults sitting at our table in our living/dining room...and honestly,  I LOVE hosting! I know its like a nightmare for some people but for me its like my favorite thing.. Weird... I know..

Thanks to the husband for loaning the hat, which covers a world of "not so great' hair... sweatshirt is from... cringe.. Walmart...Yes.. I shop at Walmart... don't judge...Jeans- American Eagle, Shoes- Chuck Taylor..

In preparing for "Operation Awesome Thanksgiving" my to-do list is quite long....So forgive me for not being extra "stylish" ... but even on those days, you know what I am talking about ladies... it's a debate on whether you clean the apartment or go super stylish glam? Always a dilemma for me...  In those moments I find it's helpful to just give casual an upgrade.. my option was use a hat! So even though I am wearing a sweatshirt and Chucks, I still need to look cute... And since my housecleaning plans were slightly derailed from a meeting I needed to attended,  (going in my PJ's wasn't an option) this was a good compromise.... 

And let's face it.. this is real life we are living...and sometimes you need to slap on the mascara and lip gloss, put on a hat and get over it!

November 13, 2012

All things Wedding!

Isn't like every girls dream to put on a beautiful white dress... hold a bouquet of flowers and walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams? I think I was at least five and and remember taking a lace curtain and pretending it was a veil... I still feel all melty inside when I remember the moment, when I walked down the aisle to Seth...sigh... sorry, personal moment..

Anyways, I have a few friends that are planning weddings right now.. seems to be in the air! And I thought I would do a piece on some of my favorite vendors. It takes ALOT of work, creativity, time & MONEY to pull off the wedding of the century. I thoroughly enjoyed my planning process but I've learned a few things since then as well! Here are some featured vendors that I totally love....

First things First... can we say Photography! Capturing the moments that you will show your grandchildren someday is not something to be taken lightly..Finding a photographer who cares as much as you do is no small feat and completely worth the investment. Spend money on things that will last longer than the day! Here are my two favorites! Both photographers are amazing, completely focused on your individual style along with capturing the story of your special day! 

 Let's talk about Invitations! It's your guest's first view on your big day.. and you want it to be a reflection of you..... Then I ask you,what is better than a custom designed invite?? NOTHING! You won't find these in the "wedding" store. And no one else will have the same invite as you, tell me how awesome is that?! Just email, Designs by C. Ambrose and she will give you a quote based on your specific needs and timeline. Honestly, I wish she had been available when I was planning my wedding I would have totally used this! 

Lastly... hello!! ahh..mazing website that I stumbled onto when searching for the perfect square vases.. not only did I find my vases but this is an amazing site for all things wedding! It's incredible.. I have purchased other things from the, since then, and I've always been happy!  I love the prices and I love the selection! If your on the hunt for something and your not sure where to start? Check them out and I know you won't be sorry!

So whether your planning a wedding.. or just dreaming of the day.. or even remembering yours! Thinking about weddings gets us girls all giddy! I always cry.. right when the dad of the bride gives her away... I'm always a mess... Thank God for waterproof mascara! There is something magical about the day of your dreams...and in all the planning & dreaming my best advice is, make sure that you (the bride) are more beautiful than the wedding day... inside and out! Because let's face it ladies... we matter a whole lot more than place card settings, and the perfect wedding photographer.

November 11, 2012

Feeling like a boss...

Starbucks run....
Well, tomorrow is my first day back to work after 2 weeks of vacation... trying to psyche my self up for it... but let's face it Monday's aren't for sissies... and since I am still jet lagged, I plan on wearing a version of this outfit (since I can't afford any of these items ) to inspire me to take life by the horns! Paired with a coffee mug, of course! I am a firm believer in dressing how you feel or how you want to feel, and nothing like showing up to work wearing a fabulous tan and killer shoes to lift the Monday blues... 
In the meantime... I will be parked on the couch watching football with my husband and ignoring the unpacked suitcase on the living room floor... ahh...bliss... 
Happy Sunday everyone! 

November 6, 2012

Fall Trends...

Fall Trends...

I love fall, even more I like options... and mixing last fall's greatest hits with this fall's "must haves" is how I roll... Right now I've been seeing the color "Oxblood" everywhere... it's deeper than burgundy, more mysterious than wine .. or so I've read. Honestly, you would think that there were other options when coming up with a name? someone in the marketing department was on vacation.. sounds gross... anyhoo...

I do love a pop of color... and I am excited to try out this new "go to" color... In these new fancy schmancy fall trends I have some commitment issues... Here today, gone tomorrow, What is my solution? Instead of running out and buying shoes in this new color, I would do a purse... or even more economical... wait for it.. Nail Polish !! Ahh, and the world goes wild!!  I find it's best to keep your wardrobe mostly classic and then add trendy accessories here or there... and most important keep yourself classy and go rock that look!

November 4, 2012

Tourist Trap..

I must admit,  I am  a sucker for those touristy places... you know the ones... where you can find a "T Shirt" that advertises your location or buy an overpriced shot glass. Well, neither of those items appeal to me. But I love going to find great deals on jewelry, and making it "work" for my island/summer look.

We went to the Kona Farmer's Market, it was so great... Papaya's, 7 for $2... Fresh flowers, gaudy Hawaiian shirts & sea shell jewelry...  oh the bliss!

 me and my mother in-law... believe it or not, I was looking at a "Hawaiian" romper... I know don't completely loose all faith...

Honestly, it was fun going around to the different stands... I found a couple great pieces... I was on the hunt for a pair of FABULOUS earrings... and I found them! Also I found a turquoise button necklace...  and I got the price down on the necklace, was $10, got it for $7! 

I am quite pleased with my finds! When on the hunt for something awesome in a tourist trap, look for classic design. Many times you want to imagine what these items could add to your wardrobe. Is it a benefit? Classic is always versatile and for me, always a win! 

Please pay no mind to my crazy ocean hair.. but these are my finds! Turquoise necklace & shell earrings...  I would say, that I totally scored! 

In these vacation wonderlands you must keep the faith in the fashion world and not let it all go to pot... "yes, I am talking to you, lady in the hotel lobby (who's probably twice my age) not wearing anything but a bikini, tennis shoes & loose shirt"...  And in general remember to always be your amazing self, whether your sunburned, tired & drank a little too much salt water snorkeling..

November 1, 2012

Vacation Lessons...

  •  Snorkeling is harder than it looks... apparently I smile too much.. because every time I smile, I would break the seal on the mask and salt water would get in my eyes... FYI, those people that say the ocean water won't hurt your eyes because it's salty like your tears, yeah, their lying to you... it hurts.
  • When the Sunscreen says "water repellent" what they mean is, "it will wash right off of you the very second you step foot into the water"... and you will burn.. the end..
  •  Hawaiian shirts are only to be worn by tourists..along with fanny packs & visors. 
  • Jet lag is for real, especially for my 17 month old niece who's wake up call is 3:30am... no I am not waking up for with her!
  • Finding Nemo is a little traumatic... just my own personal observation.
  • Hawaiian sunsets are legit..
  • Makeup is a more of a loose suggestion than a rule... which I totally have ditched the makeup at least for the days at the beach... just so my freckles can make their debut!
  • Walking into a convenience store not wearing shoes...very gross.. don't worry people it was a necessary action.. my flip flops were on loan... yada yada yada... I walked into a store with no shoes. Not my best moment.
  • I'm such a party animal, that my bedtime is 9:00pm..ahh this is the life!
  • Walmart is the same in every state.
  • Kona coffee = wicked awesome. 
  • When life is on vacation, don't rock the boat.. enjoy the break.