November 13, 2012

All things Wedding!

Isn't like every girls dream to put on a beautiful white dress... hold a bouquet of flowers and walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams? I think I was at least five and and remember taking a lace curtain and pretending it was a veil... I still feel all melty inside when I remember the moment, when I walked down the aisle to Seth...sigh... sorry, personal moment..

Anyways, I have a few friends that are planning weddings right now.. seems to be in the air! And I thought I would do a piece on some of my favorite vendors. It takes ALOT of work, creativity, time & MONEY to pull off the wedding of the century. I thoroughly enjoyed my planning process but I've learned a few things since then as well! Here are some featured vendors that I totally love....

First things First... can we say Photography! Capturing the moments that you will show your grandchildren someday is not something to be taken lightly..Finding a photographer who cares as much as you do is no small feat and completely worth the investment. Spend money on things that will last longer than the day! Here are my two favorites! Both photographers are amazing, completely focused on your individual style along with capturing the story of your special day! 

 Let's talk about Invitations! It's your guest's first view on your big day.. and you want it to be a reflection of you..... Then I ask you,what is better than a custom designed invite?? NOTHING! You won't find these in the "wedding" store. And no one else will have the same invite as you, tell me how awesome is that?! Just email, Designs by C. Ambrose and she will give you a quote based on your specific needs and timeline. Honestly, I wish she had been available when I was planning my wedding I would have totally used this! 

Lastly... hello!! ahh..mazing website that I stumbled onto when searching for the perfect square vases.. not only did I find my vases but this is an amazing site for all things wedding! It's incredible.. I have purchased other things from the, since then, and I've always been happy!  I love the prices and I love the selection! If your on the hunt for something and your not sure where to start? Check them out and I know you won't be sorry!

So whether your planning a wedding.. or just dreaming of the day.. or even remembering yours! Thinking about weddings gets us girls all giddy! I always cry.. right when the dad of the bride gives her away... I'm always a mess... Thank God for waterproof mascara! There is something magical about the day of your dreams...and in all the planning & dreaming my best advice is, make sure that you (the bride) are more beautiful than the wedding day... inside and out! Because let's face it ladies... we matter a whole lot more than place card settings, and the perfect wedding photographer.