February 28, 2013

Green With Envy...

Green With Envy...

Alice + Olivia ankle tie sandals / Juicy Couture handbag / Tory Burch handbag / Amrita Singh jewelry / Bangle bracelet / Amrita Singh / Yellow gold jewelry / claire's claire s, $6.82 / C. Wonder c wonder / Gold jewelry / CC SKYE gold bracelet / Kendra Scott jewelry / Tory Burch tech accessory / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses

The color of 2013... Emerald Green! Of course I paired it with my favorite go to color for accessories, gold!! This spring Gold  is going to be HUGE which is totally fine with me.. Not that the fashion trends "decision makers" needed to ask my opinion... BUT... I am totally in love with this selection!!! As a redhead, Emerald & Gold for me are a match made in Irish heaven...

As usual I like to take a somewhat cautious approach when buying new items for the current season... Start with accessories! To me it's the best way to add "pop" to a kinda blah outfit. with little commitment..  commitment issues? .. for example... White jeans, Navy blue top... gold jewelry, RayBan sunnies... add emerald green clutch and POW! sound like Batman... You've just went from classic to classic trendy! And there are so many options! What girl doesn't love options? Obviously it doesn't have to be as expensive as that Tory Burch clutch... but you get the idea and isn't that one fabulous?

Don't forget about that iPhone! It's usually permanently attached to your hand, so it might as well be counted as an accessory! Am I right? Even if you don't consider yourself a huge fan of this color green or even gold... trying it out in accessory form is the easiest way to kind bust down the wall of "normal" and try something that you've never thought of before! My personal opinion...just count on me for more opinions.. Is that if you feel gorgeous, then you'll let that shine out..with confidence.. And nothing boosts your confidence like trying something you didn't think you could do and have it be a winner! Am I right?

February 26, 2013

OOTD: Backup Plan

Top- Old Navy (similar)
Skirt- Forever 21(similar)
Vest- Target
Boots- G by Guess (similar)
Scarf- H&M
Bracelet- Gift (made by my sister)
Watch- Gift (similar)
Sunglasses- Ross

Today, I woke up wanting to wear my new J Brand jeans(see a pic on Instagram) I just scored off of EBay... for only $17, holla!.... I mean they are white, gorgeous and fit like a glove! (more to come about those later) Only one problem... they are a 35inch inseam! Ha... I mean seriously, I'm 5'1 "vertically challenged" petite, wicked short.. you get the idea.. there is no scenario that those jeans won't need to be hemmed... so... after all that, I didn't wear them... just call me captain obvious..

Since my lofty dreams of wearing spring white denim, died a painful death in the world of being a  ridiculously short person... I needed to come up with an alternative.... I pulled out my  denim shirt which is always "baggy" on me..... paired it with a Bodycon pencil skirt...which is not "baggy"... that creates balance when wearing a loose top...no one likes looking like a tent...  layered with my go to green vest, (we've talked about my obsession with this vest) and that helped with the whole "looking like a tent thing",  finished the outfit with a leopard scarf and gold jewelry... from this point I should just say jewelry, I'm not going to wear anything other than gold..

Honestly I am really quite proud of this ensemble since it was a "backup plan"..virtual pat on the back... Sometime the best ideas are the last minute ones...  especially when it involves "showing a little a knee"... wink.. wink..

February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wants: H&M Love Affair..

Wednesday Wants...

Wednesday Wants... by hchdesigns featuring h&m
Everything is from H&M

Have a told you lately the deep love affair I have with H&M? It started years ago and has been a long standing relationship for a while now... Sometimes they frustrate me with their "European sizing".. I mean seriously? a girl needs to eat... but no matter what I still come back... Why? Because I like fashion.. and I can't afford to be homeless so I can wear Stella McCartney...there I said it..  
Almost every season one store will strike gold in my book, and this season it is H&M...  I love like EVERY SINGLE ITEM.... honestly if the store wasn't like 45 min drive from me (H&M if you are reading this get yourself to Sonoma County) I would be in deep trouble... 

From all the olive green to blush pink to my standby black and gold... I'm in heaven... if you noticed yes I do have two pairs of the same shoe on this board... that's how I roll! Fabulous item get one in EVERY color! And to top all of this off, nothing on the board is over $50! Jaw on the floor... Now don't get me wrong, I am firm believer in investing money in to quality pieces...  such as leather boots, wool coats an over-sized bag just because you must have it! The last one I was joking..sorta.. Thing I love the most about all of this is that just because you love fashion does not mean you need to sacrifice your rent.. which is never a good idea... And with Spring just around the corner I'm feeling a little drive to H&M might be in order!

February 16, 2013

Took a little drive...

my good looking man...

"keep eating" he says... ok I will...
And now we know why there is no picture  of me eating this... you are welcome world!

Top-Old Navy (similar)
Jeans- American Eagle (similar)
Shoes- Bass (similar)
Sunglasses- Cotton On

"Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry...."

Today Seth and I took a little drive up to a couple little towns of Northern California... it was great little Saturday getaway.... We stopped in Cloverdale a little town in North Sonoma County.. walked around in the gorgeous 70 degree weather and found a little hamburger drive-in and indulged ourselves with some true fried goodness... Yum!... As you can tell with the pictures, it's hard to laugh and not show the world what your eating... somehow I figured that one out...sorta.

For our relaxed day I went with distressed jeans, black wedges and leopard print blouse... Rachel Zoe said once, the "rule to doing animal print is to do ONLY one item at a time"and I fully agree otherwise you can be channeling your inner "cat" lady...  and no one wants to see that...
I wore all gold jewelry...shocker... put my hair in a messy topknot... paired with my mock "Ray-Bans"....

It was such a nice day and just what we needed to getaway and feel like a tourist in our own backyard.... not to mention the french fries! 

February 15, 2013

Insta What?

The last two weeks through the eyes of my Instagram...  that last one is the card Seth got me for Valentines Day... best card ever! Also, if your not following me yet on the Instagram awesomeness, well you should... Follow me @hopeceleste!
FYI, yes that is like a gallon of Nacho cheese..yum...and a bag of chips the size of a small child.... it was Super Bowl Sunday and Costco strikes again...  nuff said.

February 10, 2013

Tissues, Netflix & OOTD...

Sweatshirt- Old Navy (in red or mint)
Jeans- American Eagle (similar)
Shoes- BCBGirls (gift)
Watch- Relic at JCPenny
Nail Polish -NYC, Madison Avenue

Got sick again this last weekend... geez this is like the 2nd time in 2 months... lame sauce, time to start downing the echinacea ... Here I am glamorously blowing my nose, sitting on the couch watching back to back Burn Notice episodes with my hubs....  thank God for Netflix.... 
On Saturday Seth rescued me from never-ending boredom/cabin fever and took me shopping... nothing special but when you've been sick for a couple of days... getting out in the real world is a breath of fresh air... literally... Even if it is Whole Foods & Old Navy....
While out and getting an overpriced sandwich... I found this great sweatshirt....well actually Seth found it.... anyhoo... See I have this problem with normal sweatshirts... too bulky and the hoodie is not attractive.. kinda makes me look like a 12 year old.... but this boat neck works great to actually feel not so "wearing my pj's out in the real world"....  Awesome comfort but yet still collected enough to wear out of the house! Score...

I paired it with my distressed jeans and for fun I added my black patent leather BCBG heels and white clutch... but if you wanted a more of a relaxed look I wore my white Chuck Converse earlier and no clutch.... 
Now, it's back to the couch for me... my hubs is waiting patently so we can continue our Netflix marathon... got to find out who the real bad guy is!

February 7, 2013

Gifts for your Bestie...

Gifts for your Bestie...

Gifts for your Bestie... by hchdesigns featuring wide belts

Remember when you were like 8 and everyone in the class exchanged Valentines...yeah, that was awesome.. Let's do that again.... 

I love Valentines Day... I think it's wonderful that we have a day to celebrate the people we love and are thankful for... It's kinda like Thanksgiving only for people! Valentines Day is so fun for many reasons but also it is coming off the heels for Seth and I the "expensive" time of year! Between 2 birthdays in January, 2 birthdays in December... not to mention Christmas... eh.. well... let's just say Valentines Day is always on a budget! So I put together a little budget friendly gift guide perfect for any of your gal pals... and if I'm being honest, I want like all these...hint hint Seth..

  1. Forever Red Triple Moisture Body Cream
  2. Geo Fringe Necklace
  3. Floral Lace Scarf
  4. Arrow Waist Belt
  5. Gold iPhone Case
  6. Metallic Heart Cosmetic Bag
  7. Presto Pink Nail Color
  8. Pearl Bow Studs
  9. Cherry On Top | gloss
  10. Bejeweled Bib Necklace
  11. Heart Studs
  12. Bangles
  13. Kiss Me | Tinted Gloss
  14. Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm
I've got my eye on 4, 2  & 14.... seriously I want them... the great thing is nothing on the list is over $20!
... Is it awkward that most of these come from Forever 21? nah... I shop at the store called Forever In Denial.. and I'm OK with it.... there I said it...

I think the thing I like most about Valentines Day is that the day can be anything you want it to be...and you can celebrate the people that make you feel like a superstar! 

February 4, 2013

Road Tested Tried & True... Luminizer

What's that you say? I am glowing? Why thank you... it's nothing really... purely natural, I mean I wake up looking this way...#ifonly

I was introduced to this luminizer last month when I received a sample of this in my birthday gift from Sephora...Yes they do birthday gifts and it's awesome! Yet another reason why I'm in love with all things Sephora...apparently the way to my heart is through gifts... 

I absolutely adore Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up!....This luminizer really isn't heavily tinted in any sort of color except a very blend-able champagne shimery (is that even a word?) color... Simply glide it on the cheeks and brow bones to the desired amount... then blend slightly with your fingers.. to get rid of any weird lines... then voila! Your glowing baby! Brightens up any "winter blah" and adds a slightly dewy sun-kissed look without the effect of a bronzer! I usually do this after I've put on bronzer and before I put on blush.... I find it lasts all day-ish... depending on the type of day you are having... probably wont hold up to a day spent watching  inspirational sports stories... I swear those stories make my cry every time...

I am hooked... I love the stuff... and whenever I find something like this I think... "how have I gone this long without knowing about this?" Well now that I found this, I'm never letting it go... I wont.. you can't make me...

Is there a beauty product that has your complete devotion? I'd love to know!

February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day...

Groundhog Day...

Groundhog Day... by hchdesigns featuring barneys new york

Whenever I think about Groundhog Day I always think of the song Sunny & Cher's "I got you babe".... From the movie Groundhog Day... that song is always playing when Phil wakes up.... and.. now it's stuck in your head...your welcome..

I don't know about you but I don't get that when the Groundhog sees it's shadow then there is 6 more weeks of winter? Personally... if there is sunshine then that is a real winner in my book! 

Today it's a dreary overcast sky... with no hope of spring...  So I used bright colors paired with some classic neutrals...Right now I am LOVING that orange fold over clutch & royal blue pumps... Not to mention being "slightly" obsessed with Ray-Ban Aviators...

And I guess if there has to be 6 more weeks of winter... then you might as well be bright and stylish... This is one of those moments of "do as I say, not as I do" totally wearing a grey hoodie sweatshirt, leggings & attractive cozy oversized socks ...I know, I know, I judge myself...

By using pops of bright colors, it adds interest to an ordinarily blah ensemble... and I kinda like to think it's my version of shaking my fist to the sky saying "Take that winter!" I'm such a rebel...