July 28, 2014

Taking Stock... 2..

Making : Take out orders... empty fridge, too busy to shop... (guilty face)
Cooking : Gluten free pasta, because boiling water is the extent of my cooking these days.
Drinking : Decaf coffee.. because I'm maxed on the good ol' caffeine intake...
Reading: Culture Of Honor, really good however I've been in the same chapter for a month now.
Wanting: Red suede heels.. like these....
Looking: For an large chair that is Mid Century Modern.. that is no more than $100.. might as well be a purple unicorn...
Playing: The Ember Days, on my Spotify Radio station....
Wasting: The cold coffee in my mug that I apparently don't drink fast enough, it's like the coffee mocking me...
Sewing: Nothing... I pretty much leave that for my mom...
Wishing: For another vacation... because it just wasn't long enough.
Enjoying: A hot cup of decaf... ooh la la...
Waiting: For the two boxes we shipped from Montana, since we were over the weight limit for baggage... figures I would send ALL of my shorts in the boxes when it's 90 at home... 
Liking: Fresh squeezed lemon on pesto.. Glorious! 
Wondering: If I can get laundry done tonight... crossing my fingers..
Loving: Sunday afternoon naps and Pomegranate Izze... hmm... yum!
Hoping: That this week goes fast..
Marveling: How the sky in Montana really seems bigger... #bigskycountry 
Needing: To go grocery shopping.. like bad..
Smelling: Nothing right at the moment, but heaven help me when I smell a doughnut.
Wearing: Work uniform, jeans & ponytail...I kinda look like a zookeeper.. (not a zookeeper)
Following: Against All Grain.. Danielle is a total inspiration, especially since her latest few posts...
Noticing: That my jeans fit better!! Woohoo!
Knowing: That every thing happens in the right time... and patience isn't for sissies... 
Thinking: That I might need to go to Ikea soon.. aka.. my magic kingdom..
Feeling: Like I need to go grain free.. and spend my future children's inheritance at Whole Foods.
Bookmarking: This place in Tulum Mexico... been dying to go there for years now... 
Opening: EmergenC packets for my poor sick husband who came back from vacation with a cold.
Giggling: At the Kombucha conversation I had with my team yesterday morning..  
Feeling:  Like I can do this... I know I can do this... 

July 14, 2014

Summer Beauty Routine...

Summer Beauty Routine...

Summer Beauty Routine... by hchdesigns featuring a liquid eyeliner

Ah the blissful season of summer... This time of year I'm all about simple, I prefer bare shoulders and sundresses. Top knots & shell earrings.. I get in touch with my inner boho...  And my makeup routine is no exception.. Since my Irish roots are pretty dominant I do freckle and get a nice little summer glow,
so in summer I keep my makeup very simple and naturalish... Here's my routine,
I start with a clean moisturized face, I apply my Maybelline Fit Me concealer...Which is amazing for covering my dark circles or ahem.. any thing else I want covered on my face... blend it in..
Then the Wet n Wild bronzer all over my face.. yes, that's a bronzer.. in Reserve Your Cabana.. it's kinda like a mineral veil and this time of year that's all I need.. this also can be used as a highlighter and only $4!
I do the most awesome, duck face, come on ladies we all do it... and BRONZE those cheekbones! I'm in LOVE with Tarte's Park Avenue Princess! It's glorious and they also offer a matte version if that's your thing.

Tarte, you really are a lifesaver... after searching and I mean SEARCHING for a primer that will actually keep my eye makeup in place.. I found it.. Tarte Clean Slate 360 Creaseless, total lifesaver..  I apply a tiny amount on my eyelid.. Hello eye makeup that lasts the whole day!
Next I apply the best eyeliner ever, Eyedo by Alexa Chung for Eyeko,  I've tried many many different products for eyeliner and this one is by far my favorite! Stays put but can be washed off! Why eyeliner next you ask? Because, I don't want my eyeliner tip to get clogged with eye shadow, making it dry out too quickly.
I apply a little of the Wet n Wild shadow on the lid (seriously the best), and since my liner is dry it doesn't effect it at all! Then my favorite trick for a beautiful summer glow is to use my Tarte bronzer as the crease shadow and blend!
Last is mascara,  I'm super excited to talk about this because I have this issue of mascara falling, like it's not attractive and after only 2 hours.. however this mascara Black Magic by Eyeko, stays put! Yet you can wash it off.. I mean really? Is this for real? Yes.. yes it is... I thrilled with it and I'm never letting it go..
And that's it! Yeah it's a lot when I type it out but honestly it takes me no longer than 15 minutes.. I hope you enjoy and happy summer!