February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wants: H&M Love Affair..

Wednesday Wants...

Wednesday Wants... by hchdesigns featuring h&m
Everything is from H&M

Have a told you lately the deep love affair I have with H&M? It started years ago and has been a long standing relationship for a while now... Sometimes they frustrate me with their "European sizing".. I mean seriously? a girl needs to eat... but no matter what I still come back... Why? Because I like fashion.. and I can't afford to be homeless so I can wear Stella McCartney...there I said it..  
Almost every season one store will strike gold in my book, and this season it is H&M...  I love like EVERY SINGLE ITEM.... honestly if the store wasn't like 45 min drive from me (H&M if you are reading this get yourself to Sonoma County) I would be in deep trouble... 

From all the olive green to blush pink to my standby black and gold... I'm in heaven... if you noticed yes I do have two pairs of the same shoe on this board... that's how I roll! Fabulous item get one in EVERY color! And to top all of this off, nothing on the board is over $50! Jaw on the floor... Now don't get me wrong, I am firm believer in investing money in to quality pieces...  such as leather boots, wool coats an over-sized bag just because you must have it! The last one I was joking..sorta.. Thing I love the most about all of this is that just because you love fashion does not mean you need to sacrifice your rent.. which is never a good idea... And with Spring just around the corner I'm feeling a little drive to H&M might be in order!