February 26, 2013

OOTD: Backup Plan

Top- Old Navy (similar)
Skirt- Forever 21(similar)
Vest- Target
Boots- G by Guess (similar)
Scarf- H&M
Bracelet- Gift (made by my sister)
Watch- Gift (similar)
Sunglasses- Ross

Today, I woke up wanting to wear my new J Brand jeans(see a pic on Instagram) I just scored off of EBay... for only $17, holla!.... I mean they are white, gorgeous and fit like a glove! (more to come about those later) Only one problem... they are a 35inch inseam! Ha... I mean seriously, I'm 5'1 "vertically challenged" petite, wicked short.. you get the idea.. there is no scenario that those jeans won't need to be hemmed... so... after all that, I didn't wear them... just call me captain obvious..

Since my lofty dreams of wearing spring white denim, died a painful death in the world of being a  ridiculously short person... I needed to come up with an alternative.... I pulled out my  denim shirt which is always "baggy" on me..... paired it with a Bodycon pencil skirt...which is not "baggy"... that creates balance when wearing a loose top...no one likes looking like a tent...  layered with my go to green vest, (we've talked about my obsession with this vest) and that helped with the whole "looking like a tent thing",  finished the outfit with a leopard scarf and gold jewelry... from this point I should just say jewelry, I'm not going to wear anything other than gold..

Honestly I am really quite proud of this ensemble since it was a "backup plan"..virtual pat on the back... Sometime the best ideas are the last minute ones...  especially when it involves "showing a little a knee"... wink.. wink..