November 4, 2012

Tourist Trap..

I must admit,  I am  a sucker for those touristy places... you know the ones... where you can find a "T Shirt" that advertises your location or buy an overpriced shot glass. Well, neither of those items appeal to me. But I love going to find great deals on jewelry, and making it "work" for my island/summer look.

We went to the Kona Farmer's Market, it was so great... Papaya's, 7 for $2... Fresh flowers, gaudy Hawaiian shirts & sea shell jewelry...  oh the bliss!

 me and my mother in-law... believe it or not, I was looking at a "Hawaiian" romper... I know don't completely loose all faith...

Honestly, it was fun going around to the different stands... I found a couple great pieces... I was on the hunt for a pair of FABULOUS earrings... and I found them! Also I found a turquoise button necklace...  and I got the price down on the necklace, was $10, got it for $7! 

I am quite pleased with my finds! When on the hunt for something awesome in a tourist trap, look for classic design. Many times you want to imagine what these items could add to your wardrobe. Is it a benefit? Classic is always versatile and for me, always a win! 

Please pay no mind to my crazy ocean hair.. but these are my finds! Turquoise necklace & shell earrings...  I would say, that I totally scored! 

In these vacation wonderlands you must keep the faith in the fashion world and not let it all go to pot... "yes, I am talking to you, lady in the hotel lobby (who's probably twice my age) not wearing anything but a bikini, tennis shoes & loose shirt"...  And in general remember to always be your amazing self, whether your sunburned, tired & drank a little too much salt water snorkeling..