November 28, 2012

Wednesday Blues & Black Friday Finds...

Jacket-Marshalls (similar here)
Top-Marshalls (similar here)
Leggings- Walmart (I know, I know... )
Necklace-Aldo (similar here)
Boots- "Guess?" from Macys Gifted (similar here)

Never fails... I plan on doing a photo shoot and something happens to derail my plans.... I swear it's like herding cats just to make this happen. I'm not sure why it's so blasted difficult to make a plan come together but it is... Until... My husband had the genus idea of leaving work early! Cue spontaneous cheering... Oh, Mr. you are seriously a keeper! Now, I will mention that the reason to leave work early was not for my blog... Nope.. not the irresponsible... all though doesn't that sound delightful?
It was more of a, "I really need this to make it through the rest of the week" type thing... Some days it's a real honest to goodness Wednesday.... Not for sissies...  but leaving work early, having my husband cook dinner, and laughing at my husband's antics, has done the trick!
Not to mention my favorite Black Friday find... that EPIC bead necklace! Whoa... hot! I've been so excited to wear this, and I styled my whole outfit around it... you know your excited about something when you wake up thinking about it! I got it in a shrewd business move of a 2 for 1 sale.. Score!
Bye bye Wednesday blues, hello awesomeness ... Nothing like curling your hair, putting on some lip gloss and taking a few pictures to help brighten your mood... Yes.. Yes I did do my hair for these photos... You are welcome..