November 1, 2012

Vacation Lessons...

  •  Snorkeling is harder than it looks... apparently I smile too much.. because every time I smile, I would break the seal on the mask and salt water would get in my eyes... FYI, those people that say the ocean water won't hurt your eyes because it's salty like your tears, yeah, their lying to you... it hurts.
  • When the Sunscreen says "water repellent" what they mean is, "it will wash right off of you the very second you step foot into the water"... and you will burn.. the end..
  •  Hawaiian shirts are only to be worn by tourists..along with fanny packs & visors. 
  • Jet lag is for real, especially for my 17 month old niece who's wake up call is 3:30am... no I am not waking up for with her!
  • Finding Nemo is a little traumatic... just my own personal observation.
  • Hawaiian sunsets are legit..
  • Makeup is a more of a loose suggestion than a rule... which I totally have ditched the makeup at least for the days at the beach... just so my freckles can make their debut!
  • Walking into a convenience store not wearing shoes...very gross.. don't worry people it was a necessary action.. my flip flops were on loan... yada yada yada... I walked into a store with no shoes. Not my best moment.
  • I'm such a party animal, that my bedtime is 9:00pm..ahh this is the life!
  • Walmart is the same in every state.
  • Kona coffee = wicked awesome. 
  • When life is on vacation, don't rock the boat.. enjoy the break.