November 30, 2012

5 Inches of Rain...

Sweater- HM (1 year old)
Jeans- American Eagle 
Scarf-HM (1 year old)
Bracelets- some gifted, Aldo
Watch- Gift
Rain Boots- Target
Socks- Husbands (thanks babe)

In California this is what to expect for winter....With these drab days, I am really glad for the pop of color, it just helps... I love my rain boots... they really do inspire some confidence while staying dry.... EPIC!

  I was inspired for this outfit by a pic I pinned on Pinterest... see here... Sometimes I get a little "writers block" for styling... I find Pinterest or other fashion blogs to be a great source of inspiration!
I will usually put my own twist on something, instead of a full on "copy"...
For this, I did want to replicate as much as possible... because, I loved it! And isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? At least that's what I am telling myself... 
Someday... I will purchase a beautiful pair of Hunters... but until then my beauties from Target (if you say it with a french accent it sounds cooler) will completely do! And if I desperately need pair of Hunters, I am thinking a label maker and my boots just might do the trick! Kidding...sorta..