December 4, 2012

Road Tested Tried & True... Mascara!

Raccoon eyes... yikes, not fun, the mascara I so diligently applied with a hope and a prayer 5-7 hours earlier has now fallen and I look slightly hungover at 3 in the afternoon... awesome.

No amount of waterproofing would help, I thought there just wasn't a mascara out there that would be able to give me what I needed! What didn't help was the factor that I had greasy eyelids (who knew?) and my eyeliner would smear making it the perfect storm!  I wrote about that lovely little discovery earlier, see here.... In making this discovery I didn't give up hope that someday I would have gorgeous lashes...And then... I found this mascara, its incredible, I love it! Believe me I've tried A LOT of mascaras... all with hopes and dreams of this being "the one" and to no avail... Clinique was like the last place I thought of, but when I read a review by a woman who is a firefighter and it held up, I was sold!

Here is what I love!

  • Lengthens and defines!  The brush is not one of those fluffy pipe cleaners that resemble a caterpillar...  no, it's small, and I like that because you can practically reach all of your top lashes (I only apply to the top) but I am sure it would be fine for both the top and the bottom.
  • Stays on! Literally, I can fall asleep with it on and wake up and not look any different.. I don't recommend doing this however.. but it may or may not have happened from time to time... 
  • Doesn't smear, run or glob! In fact, this has such incredible staying power that you can only remove it by using hot water and a washcloth, I've saved money on eye makeup remover because I'm not using 3 times day!
  • Only $16!!! This completely boggles my mind, that crap-stastic stuff you buy at the drugstore is like $10-$12! And in my experience, it sucks...just saying.
So, if your in the market for some fab lashes and your current stuff isn't cutting it... Try Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula by Clinique. It will change your eyelash world!