December 11, 2012

A Win..Win Situation...

Vest-Target old (similar here)
Jeans- HM
Boots- "G for Guess" via Macy's (similar here)
Watch- Gift (similar here)
Sunglasses- Ross (similar here)

You know you love something when you "conveniently" find ways to incorporate it in to your daily outfit...aah.. so guilty of that one... and I love my new black turtleneck... it's so classic, so Audrey Hepburn, who I  totally love... and it's black! And ladies, we all know how we feel about that... can we say slimming? Hallelujah! A black turtleneck one of those classic/versatile items,  dress it up with black tapered ankle jeans and leopard print flats or pair with blue jeans and puffer vest and infinity scarf and brown boots... Yes, black & brown is totally OK.. in fact one of my favorite combos!  Any time you can pick up an item that does more than one job, that my friend is a win/win situation!

I found this sweater at Gap.. on Black Friday for a steal!  I vote for Black Friday being everyday.. Who's with me??