December 26, 2012

Road Tested Tried & True... Curling Iron

It's all about having the right tools... and I am in LOVE with my new Hot Tools Curling Iron...  not only does it heat up in a second, it gets HOT, like 430 degrees hot... Glory! I got introduced to this little beauty when a friend came to visit and I used her curling iron, (nothing like borrowing a friend's stuff when they come to visit you..geez) I used it once and I was hooked! So much so that I asked for it for Christmas, I barely could wait that long but... my waiting paid off!  This is such a great curling iron, that even with my day after Christmas coma, I couldn't wait to use it this morning.

Here are a few of it's features,

  • Fast heat up time... who has patience to wait anyways? not me apparently... 
  • 24k gold-plated barrel... not sure why that's important, other than anything gold is awesome!
  • Extra long cool tip.... no burning your!
  • Extra Long cord... because there will never be enough outlets in a bathroom... 
  • Wicked hot barrel...curls stay looking like a wet cat by 3pm!
There are many other features of this curling iron and you can find/buy that here... I fully recommend this if your in the market for better curls & waves... which who isn't? Go check it out!