October 2, 2012

Road Tested Tried & True.. A product review...

So apparently I have greasy eyelids... whoa.. gross.. I mean what kind of images does that bring up?? I've had this problem with my eyeliner moving to the corners of my eye or worse... sliding right off! I've tried everything...  or at least it feels like it... then I walked into Sephora and you could hear the angels sing... (whenever I go shopping I hear the angels sing)

I hear about this Eye Lid Primer by Urban Decay and I'm skeptical because so many others have promised to be awesome and they have failed, again this is like therapy, time to trust again...
... OMG... it is amazing!!!
Buy it here...
The nice thing about this primer is that act like a base, and then attracts the shadow and liner to it, so you can use less! I use this everyday, I can't imagine going back!!  One quick tip, I do recommend using a long wear eyeliner and mascara... I found that a cheap eyeliner pencil wont stay on my "greasy" eyelids even with the primer.. but with the liquid liner, it is on there!

Many times I wonder if something is all it is cracked up to be... well folks, this is! And for me it is totally worth the money. I know we are all trying to save wherever we can but really beauty shouldn't be one of them! I would cut out Starbucks before this! (well maybe, lets hope we never have to talk about that )..

Something magical happens when you feel you look your best, you feel like you can conquer the world.. and you can!

If you're wondering about which eyeliner & mascara I use, just let me know! I would love to pass on more tips, and more product reviews will be coming since this will be a reoccurring post! (I know right? so awesome...)