October 22, 2012

Oh.. the power of shoes...

"A pair of shoes can change your life" -Cinderella 

What is it about a new pair of shoes that makes us feel so powerful? Seriously, don't mess with me, I've got a new pair of shoes and a new attitude! (not to mention a killer pedicure) It inspires all sorts of confidence, which is always the best fashion accessory! On a good day, I will walk around, strut my stuff, try not to fall, and feel like I can take on the world!
A few months back I was at work, and I was noticing how I felt so tall. Like I was holding my head high, nothing was going to hold me back, watch out world here I come! It was a brand new day and anything was possible! I was wondering what inspired this new feeling of confidence, this feeling that I was tall and I could handle it all. Then it hit me.... for about 2 weeks I'd been wearing nothing but flats and today was my first day in heels!
geez.. of course I feel tall... I was!
At 5'1" apparently you really notice when 3-4 inches have been added...
Oh.. a pair of shoes can really change a few things... but really, I think it just helped me realize what was there all along, I know right? so deep... Cinderella always knew she was made for more than just sleeping near the fireplace. And we are no different, we know deep down our awesomeness. The shoes are just the vehicle...I'll take it!
So for all you Cinderella's out there waiting for your dreams to come true, and your amazingness to be appreciated. Just remember, it's not the shoe that changes everything but the girl in the shoes. 
So go out in the world, armed with fabulous shoes and change a few things!