October 24, 2012

Christmas Spirit...in October...

I am a sucker for Christmas... literally, I just wait to get through October and then mentally, I'm in the Holidays! I don't picture myself as someone who is a little holiday wacko, but if I was like 20 years older and just didn't know better (which I do know better, I promise I do!) I would probably be that lady in the grocery store humming a Christmas song that would be forever stuck in your brain. Wearing a horrible Christmas Sweater with Jingle Bells earrings, because I want to show my Christmas spirit! Haters don't hate...

Last night it was a chilly night, and I was feeling cold.. and like usual I was cooking dinner in my work clothes. So, Seth reminded me to change so I wouldn't ruin what I was wearing, always in the realm of possibility. So what do I do? I couldn't wear anything else and risk that item being ruined... What is a girl to do? yup.. you guessed it..  I wore my EPIC Christmas Sweatshirt, the one with a reindeer on it, woah folks totally reaching new levels!!  I'm awesome like that.. and I wore it the rest of the night... and really.. I didn't mind, it was cold people!

I must confess, I really can't wait for the season.. I have given myself guidelines (and for the sake of others around me) to not play Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day.. With the exception of Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant... that is always acceptable year round... but I digress.

It got me thinking about my wish-list (honestly, seems like I'm always thinking about that), something that was a foreign concept to me but I adjusted quickly.  Here are just a few things I've decided I want, proof that I haven't lost my fashion mind!

These are just a few things that I've been keeping my eye on..  For more details on these items it's all on my Pinterest.. it's the newest and greatest way to waste time on the internet! Or at least that's what I do.. you should follow me!