October 11, 2012

To a Swedish Meatball Heaven... Part 1....

I love Ikea... it's like heaven mixed with the smell of cinnamon buns.. I mean inexpensive decor mixed with LOADS of inspiration and Swedish meatballs? What could be better?! (I think I am a little excited... )

I  was asked by my job to help "spruce" up one of the cottages that they use for guest lodging... which was DIVINE news for me, since I've been itching to hang new curtains (to say the least) in there since first seeing the horrible blue picnic table cloth curtains, 3 years ago... shudder.... little known fact this cottage was our first place... here is a pic from when we moved in... (not our furniture or curtains, thank God...)

Please ignore the mess, this picture is 3 years old and we were moving in... but you get the idea... horrid.... over the last 2 years I have been slowly making improvements to the cottage (we only lived there 6 months, now it is guest lodging for our work). So I have put 2 new couches in earlier this year and a new bed linens but until yesterday, those horrible blue checkered curtains remained... The cottage in general is dark, with the wood paneling and being in a redwood forest it doesn't have a chance. So my plan was to lighten it up inside, which is not an easy feat since my budget was $500... but I think I achieved it!

And that is why I love Ikea... it makes amazing decor on a low budget possible!

For about $400 this is what I did...
  • New curtains... did I mention a 12' window? 4 pairs...
  • Loads of silk plants (green is the magic for an dark/empty space)
  • New throw pillows... 4 new
  • New shower curtain & liner* Bed Bath & Beyond...mildew resistant....
  • A few extra decor pieces
  • New floor lamp.. can never have too much lighting..

I love Ikea, and I think it gets a bad rap because somehow it is associated with poor quality.. and your right some of the things are less than awesome when it comes to quality... but I find that you get what you pay for at Ikea... and their quality to price ratio is outstanding because even their highest price items are extremely reasonable... compare to other decor and and you are saving HUGE....

It's the things that won't get heavy wear, like curtains... or decor.. or lighting... you cannot not beat the price. Hello, did you know that Ikea is one of the FEW places that sells curtains in a PAIR???? Yeah, most places will make you buy each panel individually, which really boils me because tell me.. "who puts 1 curtain panel on a window!!??" phew... I need to settle down..

These are the items that I found...all from Ikea... land of amazing prices and hard to push carts... (my one complaint)

And I am sure you are wondering, how does someone spend almost $400 on just that?? well, there is a VERY large window... and most of my budget went to the curtains, 4 pairs, to be exact and then the floor lamp.. well that's is such a beauty and it was $50 alone... it's the little things that all add up... and then when you put it all together the end product is pretty great if I do say so myself and you'll just have to wait and see... (cue evil laugh)

This post will be a 2 part... next post will have pictures... of the finished product! Stay tuned!