October 18, 2012

laundry, quarters and gluten free pizza...oh my...


The thought occurred to me at 3:30pm ..oh my goodness, I needed to do laundry on Saturday and it's Tuesday! So I went to the ATM, to pull out cash to exchange for quarters.. (the bane of my existence) An error message read on the ATM before I could even give it my card.. ugh... it was the end of a crappy day, and I didn't want to do laundry any ways, do I ever want to? 
So I go home, tell Seth about my crappy day, and proceed to get delivered a gluten free pizza,... hey folks, at least I was trying.. I forget all about laundry, all I am thinking about is I had a bad day and I want pizza , seriously if they made gluten free, sugar free, dairy free gummy worms I would buy them in bulk... so my evening was replaced with a late night walk and gluten free pizza.. (which were both glorious by the way)...


My alarm goes off, 6:45am..!!! ring ring ring!!! ... I never did laundry.. so then starts the dance of hitting snooze and trying to figure out what the heck am I going to wear??? "OK Hope, it's getting to the point of no return, get out of bed or else..." a little self motivational talk. It's like I'm digging for oil or something at the bottom of my drawer, maybe I'll find something???...it wasn't a complete success or disaster... black pants, white T-shirt, Denim jacket..Thanks trusty denim jacket you always come through.


Alarm goes off, 4:45am...ring ring ring!!! Seriously folks it's been that kind of week... "Babe, if you get up right now we'll have time for Starbucks"...Seth knows the only way to encourage me out of bed at that hour is Starbucks and it works. With the knowledge of my failed attempts to do laundry two days in a row, I kinda throw in the towel so to speak ..I know I know, don't judge me... it's jeans, white T-shirt and black flip flops kinda of day.. with my trusty blue scarf. Which serves a world of purposes... come on ladies, you know what I'm saying. Thanks trusty blue scarf, you've saved the day.. in so many ways, so many times.... 

Sometimes, it is a week where you aspire to get the laundry done, to clean the apartment not just before you have company. Sometimes, it's a day, where you feel like a rock star and your boss doesn't see it that way. Sometimes, it's been a week where you aspire to write and jaw dropping blog post about fashion and the world will be in awe of your "styleness", and you write about laundry instead. Sometimes you need to choose your attitude, no matter the day, no matter your failed plans or lofty aspirations. And choose, that even if it's a bad day it's not a bad life. And choosing happiness is so much better than the other option. So today, I choose happiness. And maybe.. eventually... the laundry will get done.