October 8, 2012

Happy Hunting

Fall is officially here... crisp leaves, pumpkins out... Apple cider.. thick socks (usually my husband's) and flannel!!! If you haven't heard, flannel is HUGE this fall... and why wouldn't it be? It brings images of cozy nights in with the husband next to our (pretend) fireplace..aka the TV.. sipping hot apple cider and watching Casablanca...(greatest movie of all time.. just sayin)
I am now on the hunt... (because it is hunting season) for some awesome flannel... and no not just any old flannel, as in... should never ever be worn, ever.. never ever... nightgown.
I am talking about a awesome, feels like fall, don't you look amazing button down flannel.. and there are some guidelines... MUST be flattering... (if it don't help, don't wear it. Period.) MUST fit (moo moos are not a good look)... again this really should be under the whole flattering category...but you get the idea... and you MUST layer... it is essential for not looking like a bum (you know what I mean...)
I suggest a white tank and infinity scarf, leggings (because they're awesome!) and non UGG boots... repeat after me "I will not look like a 16 year old shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch", the end. No offense to all you die hard UGG lovers out there, they have their place, just in the right outfit.. (I know.. I am so controversial)
Anyway...I digress... this is a look I created and now I am gonna go hunting, for something like this!
Happy Hunting
No animals were harmed in the making of this collection...