October 13, 2012

To a Swedish Meatball Heaven... Part 2

As promised, I said I would show you the "after" pictures of my latest project... Well here it is!

This cute little cabin is dark... and even with ALL the lights on, it feels dim.. so I went with a natural colored curtain to help lighten up but still provide privacy, No one likes a fishbowl!

This window is quite large and I was needing at least 6 panels for the front window, at $30 per panel at the "going" rate. I was looking at spending at least $180 just for the front window! Fortunately, Ikea sells them as a pair for $20 per pair, Hallelujah! I spent $80 and change for all 4 pairs.... And looking at all the window space I needed to cover, you can see why I'm such and advocate of the Scandinavian "Target". 

 New throw pillows....
 New reading light... 

I wish I could have shown you the picture of the shower curtain that I replaced. Wow, it was not my style, just imagine that is was flowery and not awesome.  But here is what I did in there,

 Who has time to water plants? not me... this is silk... this creates a little life on the vanity.. Green is magic!
This really is the worlds tinniest shower and bathroom (I was standing at the door to take this picture).. so something simple, that could washed, not too busy but creates some interest was needed, this shower curtain completely fit the bill, speaking of, it only cost $9.99... Actually the liner cost more than the curtain! WOWZA!

 Well that's it...
... I am like a proud parent! Let me know what you think!