September 27, 2012

Redding Trip, what to pack...

Redding Trip... what to pack..


OMG... I am leaving for Redding tonight.. and the high when there... wait for it.. 102!!! ITS OCTOBER PEOPLE!!!! insane.... what the heck I am going to wear??? (well that's usually my issue any time I travel)

Hot weather = less clothes... great... just great... ( I'm loving the whole, it's cold so layer up look)

I need pieces that can easily transition from (wicked hot) day to night.. my thinking it just might be tank tops that save my life! and then of course the necessities.. aka acessories!!!
 ... the plan is, to have many versatile pieces that you can mix & match on the day...and I am sure when I get there I will raid my sister's closet (at least the 2% I fit in)!

But this list is going to be my packing inspiration (since I can't really afford Stella McCartney)...  here's hoping that I don't forget something and I don't melt away! See you all when I get back!
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Redding Trip... what to pack.. by hopehowland featuring long tank tops