September 22, 2012


Tomatoes... tomatoes... and more tomatoes....

Nothing like a garden fresh tomato... it's sweet, and juicy... and it gets all over you... or at least that's what happens to me.. My father in-law has a garden and there are (were) lots of tomatoes.... and every year this time, I make homemade tomato paste... It's my mother in-law's recipe, and make ALL the difference in the world with homemade spaghetti sauce...  It's Seth's favorite, so I buy jar sauce only on occasion since doing this once a year!

Here is the recipe-  Thanks Lynda!

  • 3 medium onions (rough chop)
  • 1/2 stalk of celery (I used 2)
  • 3 medium green bell peppers ( rough chop)
  • 1 Tablespoon of Salt
  • 4 qt's of Roma Tomatoes
  • Pint size (2 cups) Freezer Ziploc Bags

Wash and quarter the tomatoes and fill half way up your blender...blend that sucker... nice and juicy... then add a couple hand fills of chopped onion, pepper & celery mixture.... blend again...  when blended   pout into stock pot. Continue this until all the tomatoes and onion mixture is blended and all gone.

It will be about half way up your pot, and foamy.
Place burner on high and bring to a boil, then reduce to  simmer to cook down, I needed to stir often and I found that for my stove (electric) Med-Low was a good simmer temp. But you will need to just see for your stove what works best. Let the sauce simmer all day, or until reduced by half, the foam will dissipate and I let mine simmer for like almost 4 hours. The house will smell divine!!!

Once the sauce has cooked down and cooled, take 1-2 cups (depending on how much paste is called for in your Spaghetti sauce recipe) and measure into Pint FREEZER Ziploc bags.... ( I didn't know there was a difference between  storage bags and freezer bags, hello freezer burn!) Lay flat and cool.

This pic is not the paste but stewed tomatoes... which I also did today but I forgot to get a pic of the paste in the ziplocks! So.. this will have to do... you get the idea...
 Mark the bag and freeze, for the next enjoyment! Use in the place of canned tomato paste, it will change your world!