September 19, 2012


Let's talk about accessories... for like no money... it can make your entire outfit pop!
confession- my favorite place to shop for accessories is... wait for it... Forever 21! inexpensive, great options and fits any size! can I hear and amen?

Many times when I don't know what I am going to wear in the morning, I will pick out my accessories and build my outfit from there. You can take a basic look, jeans, top & jacket and make it come alive!

Here's how I do it in three easy steps... (sounds like a self help program)

1- Pick out your accessories to your mood ... this is my "feeling like a boss" mood... sometimes its a "I guess I should put on something other then a sweatshirt & leggings" kind of day... but there should be no pictures anywhere of that!

2-Once you have decided your accessories, take into consideration the color that is being used, make sure that your accessories will  make your outfit come alive and not just blend in. In this picture I have a lot of gold, some good color options here would be blue or black. Nice contrast and dark colors are slimming!
3-Assemble!! don't be afraid to layer and go rock your stuff!! The world needs to see your awesomeness!  

And that is it..  If your stumped or need styling advice, just ask! I would love to hear from you, and answer and questions you might have!