September 25, 2012

To live adventurously with you....

"I, Hope Celeste Burdick/ Covenant with you Seth Jeremy Howland/ to be my wedded husband/ to have and to hold from this day forward/ I promise by God’s grace to put Jesus first in our home/ Believing that He  is the source of our love and our lives together/ I pledge my heart to you/ to hold you safely next to me/ to care for you above myself/ and to protect you emotionally, physically and spiritually/ I pledge to be selfless with you/ to live adventurously with you/ and to cherish the gift you are to me/ I pledge my unconditional love to you/ for better and for worse/ for richer and for poorer/ in sickness and in health/ to love and to cherish/ until death do us part."

It was 3 years ago, and I put on a white dress with red shoes... and married my best friend.... it was the best day of my life.... I am so thankful for the blessing that Seth is, such a gift... (sorry I am going to be mushy)... There was a time when I didn't know if he would show up, you know what I am saying ladies.... You have a couple disappointments, and it seems like everyone is married or getting married... and I was like, "where is my someone?"
And just when I least expected, (I know they always say that but its true) he showed up to a party my roommate was throwing... and I was like, "oh man, he is so great.. there is no way he would be interested in me".... and for 6 months I was a friend, secretly hoping.. and falling harder and harder... On March 21 2007 Seth Howland asked me to be his girlfriend, and then after almost 2 years of dating (long distance) on December 29 2008 he asked me to be his wife....  
September 25 2009 

Since then there have been so many moments and times where I catch myself and say, "am I really his wife?" oh.. the joy...  3 years later... I am more grateful then ever, for Seth and I can't wait to see all the adventures we will go 
on, all the things we will see... I am grateful for all the kisses, all the walks hand in hand... all the "chin up, it will be ok".... and even the "scoot over your hogging the bed" or "oh babe, go brush your teeth"... (lets be real folks) Because life happens in the little things, and life with Seth, is the best gift God ever gave me....  I love you Seth, with all of my heart, can't wait to see what the next 97 years together will bring!