February 4, 2015

Awkward & Awesome...

Sunglasses -F21
Lipliner- Younique in Pouty

I'm just gonna pretend that it's not awkward that I went more than a month without blogging.. gasp* .. I mean it takes time to do something legit.. and time is something these days that I could use more of but whatevs.. I'm over it like I'm sure you are too..

  • You know what's awkward & awesome.. I have a running mix that I never run with, well if I'm being really honest I almost never run.. unless it involves shoes, makeup or doughnuts, and watch out if something involves all three!!! I mean woah.. It's been ages since I've had a doughnut and the struggle is STILL so real... #firstworldproblems 
  • You know whats awesome... Prime two day shipping... That pretty much sums up my Christmas shopping.. I love the internets.. 
  • You know what's awkward & awesome? Cheetos and white denim.. both necessary on a Tuesday and also giving you the thrill of living life on the wild side... #adrenalinejunkie  
  • You know what's awesome? Valentines Day.. I just love it!! Isn't just freaking awesome that we get to have a fun day to celebrate the people in our life that are important to us? Love it.. plus it's an excuse to wear bright red.. which is always a good thing! 
  • Awesome.. is me lip syncing in my office to Shake it Off by the Taylor Swift.. then I stop quickly and look to see if anyone was watching..
  • Awkward, my laugh is usually the loudest in the room.. pretty sure my neighbors can hear it.. 
  • Awkward, walking over the white car and reaching for the passenger side door and realizing it's not your car.. every.single.time..
  • Awkward..Stepping outside with no makeup on to check the mail, running into your neighbor and asks "are you sick?" Nope.. just didn't put makeup on today but I will now! 
  • Awesome... that Flat White drink at the Bucks.. I know, I know, it's a glorified latte but I'm a fan.
  • Awkward & Awesome.. when your coworkers think your in your early twenties.. when really they're a WHOLE decade off.. 
  • Awesome, Bullet Proof coffee.. if you haven't tried it, do it! It's the bomb.com....
  • Awesome, it must be said.. my superman husband, who helps me with cleaning & cooking and manages to keep me sane and laughing while we take on building the dream.. Love you forever babe..