September 17, 2014

5 Things That Help Hope Win at Life...

Mascara- Younique 3D Fiber Lash 
Eyeliner- Kat Von D Ink Liner
Foundation- Revlon Photoready mixed with Nars Orgasm Illuminator
Concealer- Maybeline Fit Me
Powder- Wet N Wild
Bronzer & Blush - Elf duo

Mason Jars- I recently just discovered that mason jars with the lids are seriously the best travel mugs or dishes.... they do not leak! Like for reals... I should get in to the business that tests travel mugs because seriously I've got a gift, a real gift for spilling something  hot and usually staining my white blouse.... I'm that girl pulling a mason jar of yogurt from her very chic handbag... not spilling is so in fashion this year....

Coconut Oil- I know there is a MAJOR fad going on out there for coconut oil everything but I have to be honest.. as a person who usually tries EVERY product that is supposed to be amazing for your skin, I've yet to be wowed.. usually I'm in love for a week then just like that I'm over that product that promised the eternal youth.. and I'm searching for something else.. well, guys coconut oil is my go to face wash... like a total granola hippie... I wet my face with hot water, massage on a little (or alot if I'm not paying attention) of coconut oil and wipe it off... it softens, removes all of the dirt, my makeup and what do you know it's anti aging with a tiny bit of sunscreen.. I mean wow what's next? It's so amazing that it does my laundry? Oh I wish...

Paper Towels- I know brilliant right? No seriously... After my brilliant discovery of washing my face with coconut oil, I was using my white washcloths to wash off the dirt & makeup off my face.. funny business though that makeup was staining my washcloths! So I thought to myself, there's got be a disposable something that I can use to wash my face? light bulb moment, Paper towels! Not just any paper towels Viva paper towels... those bad boys are not your usual paper towels they are in it to win it.. and by winning they are wet and wiping all the dirt and makeup off my face and not tearing.. While I understand that paper towels are not exactly cheap, neither is my laundry... So for me, it was the brilliant lesser of two evils.. I wipe off the day and throw it away.. plus I swear this is cheaper than makeup remover wipes... Just sayin..., I should mention this not a sponsored post what so ever, I'm just a really big fan...

Bleach- Ok so we now know that I am prone to some spillage of the beverages.. how do I keep my whites white? Bleach it baby.. and boy do I ever... this is the very reason I sort my laundry, colors & whites... so I can remove those pesky espresso stains or the evidence of spaghetti sauce. Because even though I am MANY years since kindergarten I still wear my food from time to time.

Salsa Crock Pot Chicken- Ok, so this tip was given to me by my girl Ashley K, and I'm so grateful! Here's the scoop.. simply dump two chicken breasts in a crock pot, cover it with a jar your favorite salsa... I love using green salsa! Set the crock pot on low for like 7-8 hours and bam! Delicious shredded chicken  done for you when you walk in the door from work.. you can make your neighbors jealous with all the delicious smells coming from your house... Use the chicken in tortillas for tacos or burrito bowls or for an easy start to a chicken tortilla soup! It's so tasty and I've done many variations of this... Feel free to ask if you want more ideas on this!

Happy Wednesday!