October 21, 2014

Flo For Halloween...

Untitled #57

Untitled #57 by hchdesigns featuring plain aprons

Well, for my next costume idea.. I give you Flo... True story, this one was my husband's idea to be put on the blog.. He's so funny... Fun fact: we think up random Halloween costumes all through the year.. I honestly don't know why? So on to the costume, super easy! White on white with a white apron... Extra points if you can get Progressive on the apron! Tease that hair, with bunch of hair spray, at the back of the crown to get that lift... I don't think you need a wig for this one but if you wanted to go for it! Headband and the kicker is the red lip gloss! Must have the red lip gloss... Is it lame that I'm already thinking about how easy it would be for me to get the lip gloss on the jeans? I know, I know, super lame.

Now for the rest of your evening, it's your job is to be slightly ditsy and totally in love with insurance... Which I think we can all agree that the ditsy part will be easier...
Happy Tuesday!