April 9, 2013

Awesome & Awesomer : Epic skirt & 5 Inch heels....

Shoes- Jessica Simpson via Marshalls (same shoe here)

You know what's awesome?
Expecting a skirt to not be able to zip and miraculously it does...
Realizing that the skirt zipped but can you sit down? seriously questionable...
Doing a photo shoot with crazy wind... you expect it to look like model with a glamorous wind blown look but instead it looks like a dog who sticks its head out the car window...so hot..
Attending a wedding where everyone knows your husband but doesn't know you... annnddd.... I forgot deodorant (tmi?)...  I like to make a good impression..
Nearly avoiding a wardrobe malfunction involving the epic skirt and... that's all I'll say..

You know what's awesomer?
Holding my husband's hand during the ceremony and remembering our day... teary eyed..
Singing with my man to Mumford & Sons in the car... I can seriously rock out to some banjo..
Mimosas.. Getting your drink on before 5:00... Yes!
Being 5 inches taller... nuff said..
My husband's dance moves... epic... 
Ending the day with take out Chinese food and our favorite TV show... Can it get any more awesome?

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