April 23, 2014

How To: Surviving Allergy Season..

Surviving Allergy Season...

Surviving Allergy Season... by hchdesigns featuring Bumble and Bumble

It's the most wonderful time of the year... where all glamour goes out the door and I'm surrounded by tissues & allergy medicine.... If you could hear my voice right now it sounds a bit like Meg Ryan when she was sick in You've Got Mail.... Growing up I never struggled with allergies and honestly had little compassion for those who did... Big mistake HUGE..  now since moving to Northern California where nothing ever really dies in winter.. like clock work I will have a month of seasonal allergies! Ugh... So how's a girl supposed to stay sane in this wretched season, let alone look chic??? Well I'll tell you...

  • Stay comfortable but do not live in your PJ's... repeat after me.. I'm adult and only babies wear PJ's all day... Over-sized tees & boyfriend jeans are a fantastic option! 
  • Since your not feeling well, skip the stilettos.. I know, I know, we love em but honestly if your drugged up on NyQuil & Allegra you probably shouldn't be driving 5 inch heels... they should put that somewhere on the box... go for an endlessly classic sneaker like these White Converse! Be sure to have the jeans rolled up showing some leg, ooh la la... this will help balance your proportions... 
  • Accessorize!! It's the magic dust of any look, nothing fancy just a watch, earrings & sunnies.. this will help make you look like you actually tried to get dressed in the morning.. which isn't that the point? 
  • Makeup.. this is naturally the easiest thing to skip when not feeling well, however it is one of the MOST important and will do wonders for your mood! Keep it simple, mascara, lips and a little glow for the cheeks... Just because you feel like you shouldn't see the light of day doesn't mean you should look like a vampire... Think Bella from Twilight and just say NO! I love the Nars Illuminator in the color Orgasm... I wear it everyday! 
  • Hair, again very easy to skip but I promise you'll physically feel better if you feel you look good... so wash it, spritz it with a texturizing spray like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray... easy peasy...  and you look great! 
Let's be honest, nothing quite says "Ooh la la" like Vapor Rub and a box full of tissues.. it's not a glamorous time but there are some things we can do to help. In my experience if you are just feeling icky, take a little time to give to yourself, you will feel a world of difference! Even if it is just to run to Walmart for more cough drops.... Because if there is anyone who can make cold & allergy season ,chic, it's you!