April 1, 2014

Mom's Soft Granola Recipe...

Mom's Soft Granola....

Sharing with you today my Mom's Soft Granola recipe... If there was one recipe the was the epitome of my childhood... this is it.... the easiest tastiest soft granola (no baking means no burning #win).. perfect for breakfast or midnight snack.. or both!

Start with 7 cups of Oats.. (not quick kind) & 1 cup of Oat Bran (optional) I didn't have any this time... so I didn't put it in... 
1 cup of oil (I used coconut oil melted) & 1 cup of honey (this can be too sweet sometimes so feel free to adjust to your preference), if you do the oil first the honey will just slid out...
Mix it up...

add 2-3 Tbs of Vanilla... you need to be able to taste it.... I didn't even measure.. 

I wish I could say this is the first time I've used Paprika instead of Cinnamon accidentally.. but it's not... just use Cinnamon and use as much as you want...OMG... my nails...
Eyeball the fixings... I used coconut & sliced almonds.. but you can do dried cranberries, raisins.. chopped nuts, chocolate chips... basically what ever you really want! 

And lastly taste! You need to make sure it's edible for the family... It's the price I have to pay and what can I say, I'm a team player! 

Here is the official recipe.. kindly written out by my sister Becky..

Soft Granola
7 c. or whole canister rolled oats (not quick oats)
1 c. oat bran or wheat bran
1 c. wheat germ (optional)
1 c. oil (can use less if don't mind it drier)
1 c. honey (in that order, b/c the honey slips out after the oil!)
2 tsp vanilla

Obviously I didn't follow the recipe exactly.. I like to call it Artistic License but really that's the beauty of this.. you can make it to what you prefer..  Once everything is combined, store in a clear class container on your counter, so everyone can see your nifty granola skills... Enjoy!