January 14, 2014

What I Wore: Hat To be Good...

Photos by incredibly talented Sarah Marcella Photography..

Hat- Zulily (similar)
Jacket- Ross
Top- JCP
Leggings- Marshalls (fitness section)
Clutch- Forever 21 (gift similar)
Watch- Relic (Gift -similar)
Bracelet- Kohls (Gift- Similar)

What is it about wearing a hat that transforms you into another world? I mean.. hat off, fashion blogger who generally laughs at her own jokes and thinks that America's Funniest Home Videos is great TV, which it totally is... Hat on, world traveler philanthropist, that is probably famous for her laugh which resembles Julia Roberts, in my dreams...

Hat purchases are rarely a planned excursion.. Like, "I think I will get out today and go shopping for a hat".. nope nobody does that, more likely you are minding your own business in a store like  F21 and you find yourself wandering into the accessories section and as an act of pure nonsense you throw on the hat as a joke and mention to your friends "hey guys how ridiculous is this?" and then you see your self in the mirror and and you have a moment where you and the hat agree, that maybe it's not a wise purchase or how often you'll even wear the darn thing.. but who cares because "holy crap, I look amazing!"

In other news, I've cracked the code on the whole leggings thang.... So here's the deal we can all agree that leggings are the bomb.com however I've yet to find a pair that isn't too sheer.. yikes.. So what do I do? I do what any 30 something girl would do, I reach for my yoga pants.. yup that's right folks those leggings are meant for exercising... gasp, shock awe... And even though I do exercise (not in these ones) I wear leggings on a regular basis so these guys were sacrificed for the sake of fashion... it had to happen... it was for a good cause.. So, here's my secret, I bought long ankle length fitness leggings for when I'm not wearing boots.. when I am wearing knee high boots I wear these guys, which hit right about the mid calf.. I know, it's kind of ridiculous but really if I'm wearing boots no one will know and I now have the most comfortable leggings (not see through) known to man.. and let's be honest we all wish we could live in our crazy comfortable work out gear anyways... am I right?

P.S. I'm sorry for the lame-sauce pun for the title... sorta..