May 20, 2014

How Pinteresting!

I'm pretty sure there should be support groups for those *ahem* addicted to Pinterest..  I swear I'm on that site daily.. You know it's become a problem when, now instead of searching Google for a recipe or highly reviewed product.. or even a "how to".. I now search Pinterest.. yup that's right folks, you heard it here first.. Pinterest as replaced Google for me.. now don't get me wrong I still am a die hard Google fan.. I mean hello? My blog is on Blogger. But here's the thing if I am looking for a tutorial on how to on, I don't know.. " how not to kill houseplants".. not saying I've done that but let's just pretend that I've been known to kill a houseplant or two. I search Pinterest.. I find not only the blog post or site but many other useful information that could prevent any future houseplant casualties.. I've learned how to do minor HTML coding, I've learned how to curl my hair proper... I've found countless recipes, ahh-mazing fashion and just honest to goodness dreaming.... Are you looking for the best drugstore eyeliner? Bam! Pinterest. Are you looking for artwork for a baby's room? Pinterest it... yeah that's right, I made it a verb... So really in all honesty it's a practical help not a colossal waist of time.. see what I did there? Basically I'm all for whatever justifies my minor addiction that we call Pinterest.. This is just a few of what I've been finding in the candy land of Pinterest if you would like you can follow along here