October 30, 2013

Mama Got A Makeover: The Blog Salon...

You know those shows like What Not To Wear ... where they take a tired woman who's making due with what she's wearing and how's she doing her hair.... then they take her and give her an amazing makeover? Yeah... I'm like one of those women... only for my blog....

I first discovered Ashley at The Blog Salon about 6 months ago and I was instantly impressed! Her professional and yet extremely talented designs are nothing more than art... It's a scary feeling trusting (trust issues) someone else with your blog.. It's a big deal, it needs to reflect you, be professional and yet awesome... From the moment I first had communication with Ashley she instantly put me at ease... she's like the "blog whisperer"... Plus I have to mention she's currently getting her Masters in Design, while still rocking at her day job as a high school teacher! #rockstarstatus

One of the selling points for me was the method of inspiration,  Ashley suggests starting with a Pinterest board! It was like someone was speaking my language, creating a new look for my blog and using my favorite waste of time? Sold!! I collected all the most inspiring photos as a visual buffet for Ashley to get a pretty good idea what I was wanting... I gave her all my details and sat back and waited while the magic happened...  Picture an impatient girl sitting next to a phone waiting for a boy to call... I must have checked my email at least 20 times in one day... I'm not very good at waiting or being cool for that matter... Ashley then emailed me two proofs to choose from, both were gorgeous! I could hardly contain my excitement! Let me just say that having to decide between two amazing designs is not easy... It was like trying to choose between two amazing pair of shoes and you can only have one! Such a good problem to have... After choosing a design and doing minor tweaks this is the final product! I am sure you can tell that I am beyond thrilled with the final result.

The Blog Salon offers a variety of services from Blog Design, Brand Identity to Business Card Design. It's really a fantastic one stop shop that I feel I can go back for any of my other blogging/branding needs... So if your blog design is feeling a little desperate for a makeover like mine was, head on over to The Blog Salon check out all that Ashley could do for you. I promise you won't be sorry! As bloggers we usually have about 3 seconds to capture the attention of our readers, might as well make those 3 seconds memorable!

*This is a sponsored post by The Blog Salon, the opinions expressed are completely my own.