January 4, 2013

For the love of Parka... can I find me a coat?

For the love of Parka...

For the love of Parka... by hchdesigns featuring fur coats

On Black Friday, I was shopping with my husband we walked into Gap and there it was... staring at me saying.... "I'm the perfect parka, perfect green... perfect weight... perfect everything.. take me home with you"... It might as well had been a puppy at the dog shelter... except a couple minor, tiny, little... problems... 1- they didn't have my size in the color I wanted, Kale Green...See the yellow version here... 2- $$$$ it was over my  Black Friday budget.

Since then I've been searching Ebay practically every single day for it.. and then last night I found it! And half the price!!!! It was almost too good to be true... I bought it before anyone else could snatch it up!
Then... I noticed something.. there was two different sizing advertised .. oh no... two areas say Small , another says X Large... Which one is it? I promptly emailed the seller, and to my disappointment it was the XL....So close yet so far... sigh... Oh well....

 A parka is a great classic piece for your wardrobe, it's also a great way to incorporate all those military details seen in Winter Fashion... it's everywhere.. between the heavy wool , variations of green and button detail, I love it!  These are some choices that are out there for a great green parka, and with faux fur? I mean it's so awesome! I would pair the coat with black leggings, lounge sweater & booties...  And if my Ebay stalking adventures turns out to be a bust, then these are a great alternative!