January 21, 2013

Lucky Chambray....

Scarf-Target sold out, this is another great option
Vest- Target (old)
Chambray- JCP
Jeans- Pac Sun (discontinued, similar here)
Booties- Target (old) another great option
Glasses- Cotton On

You know what's awesome? Running out the door realizing you planned a photo shoot and forgetting to wear earrings...  You know what else is awesome...  realizing that in the past 2 photo shoots I am still wearing this green vest! OMG... I do own other clothes... honest.

I am extremely proud to say I finally purchased my very own Chambray shirt.... only like a year late... This top was made possible from my casino winnings playing the slots with my Grandpa! It was awesome!...High Roller here! Sometimes I swear you can't make this stuff up!  

Anyhoo... I've been craving a good Chambray top... looking at Madewell or J.Crew.. which they have excellent options always.. But I never thought to check JC Pennny? I mean I forget about that store all the time! I was in JCP visiting their Sephora store, and my husband found this for me! How awesome is that?? Right there, waiting for me... saying "you've been patient, now take me home"... not sure why my clothes need to talk to me... I looked for my size... (M) and of course they didn't have the most popular size.... so I sighed and was like "oh well"... we walked past the clearance rack and there was a Small.... Ok... ladies you know what happened next... You don't know till you try it on but do you really want to risk the hope of you finding the perfect chambray and frustration of trying on a size that is "clearly" not your size? Such a gamble... I bit the bullet and hit the fitting room... I tried it on... and it fit! OH the heavens were cheering for me! It was slightly tight in the arms... but who needs to feel their arms? Right? I am kidding.. it loosened after a couple of wears... I am so thrilled...It looks like my luck might be changing! Death threats to anyone who would put this guy in the dryer!
What's something that you've been dying to get lately? I'd love to know!

Ps. Photography brought to you by my husband Seth...