January 17, 2013

For the mama to be..

For the mama to be..

For the mama to be.. by hchdesigns featuring michael kors watches

(don't freak out, I'm not pregnant)
So I was thinking a few days ago... I've got a lot of friends who are pregnant... I think I counted at least 5 on Facebook... wow...  One being my amazing sister in-law Leah... she asked me a little while ago to do a blog post on Maternity Clothes... I of course said yes! And since I don't have any experience in this department ... I asked a few of my friends... This is what some of  them said...

Erin -"it needs to be cheaper!!"

Kirsti - "It soooo needs to be cheaper! And cuter! And they need to have more flattering options for those of us (like me) that get pregnant "all over"..."

Sarah - "Urban outfitters maternity"  She wishes...

Tara  -"Something I wish I had more of are maternity clothes that don't look so maternity! (If that makes sense) I love when I can wear something while pregnant and after I've had the baby!"

In hearing all this... I had to do a little research... and here are some awesome links that I found along with a few tips!

Inexpensive Maternity Clothing sites or stores-
  1. Old Navy... Did you know that you can order things online and return to your closest Old Navy store?
  2. Target... Same story, you can find more selection online and return it to the local Target store...
  3. Pink Blush Maternity.. typical 30 day return policy, responsible for shipping charges..etc.
  4. H&M.. so if your lucky to live close to these stores then score! Otherwise, I would search Ebay for this brand of Maternity..
  5. Ebay... check for used/gently worn Maternity or brands that you love... some great deals on there!
  •  Spend money on items that are versatile... and will (hopefully) last a while...
  • Accessories are your best friend! A scarf is a great way to add pop to your outfit without spending an arm and a leg...
  • Dress to flatter your shape, not cover it up... repeat after me... moo moos are not for me..
OK, so full admitting here that what these tips are just basic fashion rules.. but I feel the same thing applies...  Spend the money on your basics like jeans, T-shirts etc... (depending on the season) they will get a lot of use... and these are things that you will always reach for in your dresser.Then pull from your closet, anything that has an open front like a cardigan,wrap sweater or blazer... Add in a few awesome accessories and cute comfortable shoes..

Then lastly...
Hair, Nails & Makeup! I know this doesn't really count for the Maternity category.. but honestly I feel like its extremely important to pay attention these area's especially if the rest of your outfit is a little on the casual side. Tease the hair, play with some new eye shadow and get a pedicure... Because hey, you're making a person and that's more than the rest of us can say we did with our day!