March 14, 2013

Seasonal Awkward Phase...

Top- HM
Jeans- American Eagle (similar)
Shoes- HM
Sunglasses -HM

Gosh, the weather has been simply divine lately... I almost feel bad about talking about since you all East Coast dwellers are getting hammered... as in snowed in not drunk... or maybe both? It was 80 flipping degrees yesterday... Hello? This is March shouldn't it be pouring rain or something.. I know one thing I shouldn't be out in my bare arms or anything... but I was and the fact that I wasn't freezing was a completely win in my book..  We went to the Dry Creek region for the this shoot.. it was glorious... While finishing up the shoot a passerby in car stopped and asked "are those shoes your hiking boots?" which I promptly answered "of course!".... That's how I roll...  

These shoes are a new purchase for me which you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram... I picked them up from H&M a couple of weeks ago and haven't stopped wearing them since.. side zipper and platform, I am in love! They are the perfect balance of ankle booties while still showing a little ankle... somehow if I  don't show those bad boys, I end up with a cankel situation that no one wants to see! 

Yellow is such a fabulous spring color.. and seems to be popping up all over the place... I paired this top with my distressed AE jean "jeggings".. Which if your like me, most distressed jeans don't usually come in a flattering style... how I wish I could wear the Boyfriend jean but nope... not gonna happen... However I was so delighted to find that these jeans have stretch in them! And all the girls with hips cheer! 

 In looking to help make the transition from winter to spring...  my tip is to mix in spring colors with the rest of your wardrobe..  It's always that awkward phase of it's warm out but not enough to really bring out my summer clothes in full swing... so what's a girl gonna do? Sprinkle in a little bit of sunshine into your winter wardrobe, even if you are waist high deep in snow... I'm talking to you Syracuse, NY! Right now I've been dying for some sweet neon pumps or an emerald green clutch... Something like that, can really brighten up any winter blah days...  How are you getting through the seasonal awkward phase? I'd love to know!