March 6, 2013

Wanderlust: Where would you go?

Deviating from my usual fashion post to daydream a little bit with you... Sometimes I get the urge to travel and just in case it wasn't bad enough, hanging out on Pinterest took it to a "whole notha level".... I mean it's been ages since I used my passport.. too long actually.... Been thinking a lot about what I would do and where I would go if time or money wasn't an object...  It's a fun thought and usually I end up thinking about somewhere tropical... Bora Bora... is now on my radar... aah... white sand, crystal clear blue water... a fabulous tan...a girl can dream right?.... In my daydream there is lots of sundresses, wedge sandals, sunnies & swimwear....not to mention a few cocktails... So there is my daydream... dreaming of Bora Bora... Where would you go if time & money wasn't an object?

P.S if you'd like to see more places I've been dreaming about check out my Pinterest page here!